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When having your windshield repaired or replaced by Anchor Auto Glass & Tint you can rest assured the price you pay is the same price you were quoted, with no hidden costs. The technician you are speaking with has been factory trained and licensed, meeting all requirements for an auto glass installer. When you look through your windshield you will know it is the same high quality glass that was originally manufactured with your vehicle and was installed with the same materials used at the manufacturer. Click here to find out why Windshield OEM Glass is SO important to you!
We use only OEM Glass, Choose Pilkington,the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers do.
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Pilkington uses glass check fixtures to make sure that the part size, shape and contour meet customer specifications.  This assures that the part will fit well without excessive gaps that must be reworked with adhesive or forced into the opening, which can lead to stress cracks, wind noise, water leaks, distortion or adhesion problems.  This attention to detail assures reliable quality, safety and overall cost savings for you.
We also are an AGRSS Validated, and Registered shop meeting all of AGRSS  Safety requirements. What does AGRSS mean? Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards.  All of us here at Anchor Auto Glass put your safety first.

“See clearly with confidence knowing you just received the highest quality, professionalism and service offered in the auto glass industry.”

- Christina Seals, Owner
Anchor Auto Glass & Tint